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    Cartera IOTA ESP32


    Translating… Now that CClient v1.0.0-beta is released, IOTA can implement a hardware wallet based on it. I will, in this blogpost, briefly explain the architecture of the IOTA Wallet on ESP32 and I will demonstrate the wallet application.The CClient library is meant to apply the Tangle into IoT ecosystems. It is able to communicate with… Más

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    Bienvenido Thabata Dias a la Fundación IOTA


    Translating… Thabata Dias is joining IOTA Foundation as a Social Media Manager. In this role, she will focus on helping IOTA to grow its social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. She will also be an evangelist for IOTA’s mission through speeches, written communication, and events.Thabata has more than 12 years of experience… Más

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    Boletín de IOTA # 13 – Subvenciones de $ 5 millones para coordicidas, STMicroelectronics Partnership & amp; Introduciendo …


    Translating… Coordicide is the top priority for the IOTA Foundation. Now academia and other research organizations can receive grants to further the adoption of the technology and propel the growth of the IOTA Ecosystem.Read MoreIOTA Links with STMicroelectronics to Accelerate IoT Technology IntegrationIOTA joins forces with ST, Europe’s largest semiconductor producer. Watch more about the… Más

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    ¡3 formas en que Bitcoin puede llegar a $ 1 millón!


    14 agosto, 2019 por Will Heasman Video Will Heasman de CriptoAlertaIO profundiza en todas las teorías detrás de Bitcoin que alcanza $ 1 millón desde los simples principios de oferta y demanda, hasta que BTC supera completamente a la moneda fiduciaria; Además, Will echa un vistazo a los partidarios firmes de estas predicciones, que han… Más

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    Aprendiendo con el ejemplo: Talleres IOTA


    Translating… IOTA introduces a lot of new concepts, such as the Tangle and Trinary, which may seem difficult to use. That’s why we have some excellent client libraries that abstract most of the concepts into easy-to-use functions.To help you start developing with IOTA technology, we created several ‘workshops’ for the C, Go, JavaScript and Python… Más

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