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  • Lisk SDK 2.3.6, el próximo soporte de Trezor One de Hub 1.22.0 & amp; Recompensa de seguridad comunitaria de Lisk Builders


    Translating… We are hosting a developer all-day event in Berlin on November 19th, 2019. Includes SDK workshops, coding challenges, educational blockchain talks, and networking sessions. RSVP here.Dear Community,The month of September saw our developer teams progress with the SDK and the Lisk Builders get with experimenting with our toolkit. There are also some exciting news… Más

  • Cómo comenzar con IOTA Industry Marketplace: una guía paso a paso


    Translating… We recently launched the Industry Marketplace: a vendor and industry-neutral platform developed by IOTA and world-leading innovators. This blog post is for anyone who wants to contribute to the Industry Marketplace by setting up an instance of a Service Requester or a Service Provider. In the following section, I will quickly wrap up the… Más

  • IOTA y Zühlke se asocian para acelerar las soluciones de máquina como servicio


    Translating… Purchasing manufacturing machinery and other industrial equipment usually take a heavy toll on the company bankroll. By offering the costly equipment on an automated pay-per-use basis, this headache will soon be alleviated.As IOTA continues to expand its capabilities with partners, we want to create a flexible solution for organizations to engage in the machine… Más

  • Nuestro camino para cambiar el sistema de votación


    Translating… Last February, we published a proposal to change the voting system on Lisk’s Research Forum following the Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIPs) process. This thread has received a lot of attention and discussions. Voting and elections are a hotly debated subject in general — Lisk is no exception. Not every LIP requires a blogpost, but… Más

  • El simulador de consenso probabilístico rápido


    Translating… In a previous blogpost, the IOTA Research Department, with the collaboration of one of our research grant recipients, Dr. Sebastian Mueller, published simulation results of the FPC protocol, short for Fast Probabilistic Consensus, which was proposed by Dr. Serguei Popov and Dr. Bill Buchanan.Today, we are excited to share with you the source code… Más

  • Impacto de co-creación: la Fundación IOTA une fuerzas con EIT Climate KIC


    Translating… The loss of ecosystems and climate change threaten human well-being and biodiversity alike. Grassroots movements, as well as international institutions, call for urgent systemic change. As a non-profit foundation focused on the positive social impact our technology can have, the IOTA Foundation wants to support the sustainable transformation of our society. But what does… Más

  • Una inmersión profunda en transacciones personalizadas: StateStore, BaseTransaction y TransferTransaction


    Translating… We are hosting a developer all-day event in Berlin on November 19th, 2019. Includes SDK workshops, coding challenges, educational blockchain talks and networking sessions. RSVP here.Two weeks ago, we introduced our Lisk Bills proof of concept that came with a webinar and guiding article to explain the code behind this blockchain application built with… Más

  • Bienvenido Levente Pap a la Fundación IOTA


    Translating… Levente Pap is joining IOTA as a Software Engineer of the Engineering team. In this role, he will focus on developing different parts of IOTA technology.Levente lives in Berlin, Germany and has always been thrilled by creating systems that function well. As a kid, he built cities out of Lego and his curiosity towards… Más

  • EDAG y d-fine desarrollan un ecosistema de estacionamiento inteligente, impulsado por IOTA


    Translating… Automatic, continuous payments, settled machine-to-machine, will enable a smart parking ecosystem.Frictionless parking enhances the user experience, increases efficiency and reduces costsDynamic pricing optimizes the parking space infrastructure utilizationProof of concept by d-fine and EDAG integrates IOTA technology in the existing trive.park parking appEDAG and IOTA had a joint presence at the IAA 2019 where… Más

  • Bienvenido Jelle Millenaar a la Fundación IOTA


    Translating… Jelle Millenaar is joining the IOTA Foundation as a Software Engineer, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He will focus on the development and positioning of Digital Identity and increase our presence in the Netherlands. Due to his broad skill set, Jelle likes to be involved with many different aspects of the organization and hopes… Más

  • Bienvenido Antonio Nardella a la Fundación IOTA


    Translating… Antonio Nardella is joining IOTA as a Community Manager.Antonio Nardella lives in Bolzano, Italy and has been in IT for over twenty years. He is a tech-consultant, technology-minded, creator with a focus on practical solutions. He is able to explain new technologies in layman terms and relate them to everyday life. His particular interests… Más

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